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Guess what gorgeous? It’s lipstick day today. Grab your favourite colour and just give your lips a little pop. Don’t believe me? The proof is just below. So for today’s post I definitely want you to tell me what your favourite lipstick colour is and the brand too in the comments section. Maybe one day I might surprise you,

Did you know that when this beautiful cosmetic was created, Egyptians wore it to show social status and not gender?

Lipstick helps people express themselves and It’s believed that some people wear it to feel good about their appearance. To be honest, I wouldn’t blame them. I mean, sometimes when I wear makeup, there are moments that I feel like lipstick just gives that final touch that I want. With the range of colours that are available these days, it makes any makeup look, look beautiful and attractive.

Whether you want a tropical, bold, exotic or natural look, lipstick definitely does the final trick.

As much as I have been a gloss person lately, I would be down to try new lipstick colours and my favourite colour is that one that’s between maroon and purple. My current favourite is one by Revolution. It’s a maroon like colour and is from the Rose Gold Collection. I must say that I prefer glossy and cream lipstick to any other type of lipstick especially matte. I have tried matte and I think it’s not for me.

I definitely want to try M.A.C and Wet n Wild lipstick, oh and Kylie’s lip products as well. Gosh there’re so many brands to choose from and we all know the struggle when we want to get a new lipstick colour. Do you also debate about which colours you should buy when you’re in a shop? I do that a lot too.

So yes, now that you believe me that it’s lipstick day and you aren’t wearing lipstick, then you should go grab one RIGHT NOOOOW!!!!

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