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So like I promised a product review of the Oh So Heavenly face cream and 2 other products that I used this month for my facial skin care routine.

Oh so Heavenly.

The face cream is amazing. I was drawn to it by its packaging to be honest and also the love I have for Oh So Heavenly products. Like what I said on the day that I started using it, I loved it because it made my face glow which we all love, right? I also hoped my sensitive skin wouldn’t react because I didn’t want to leave it for another product.

Here are some of the things I liked about this product in the first 4 days of using it-
– Of course , the way it made my skin glow especially when I was in natural light!!!- My skin was really smooth – It did get rid of a few dark spots that I had- Because we are in winter, my skin was getting flaky and the face cream got rid of that- It’s not rough on the skin which makes it easy to apply.
However, I felt a little irritation when I washed my face which I hated so much but other than that, I like their face cream. I am actually sad that for August I have to try a new brand.

Himalaya Face Mask

This face mask has been my favourite for a very long time and I had actually never given a proper review
It has worked out for me since last year and is probably the only product I have used for more than half a year, not including my Lux Sheer Twilight soap.
It helps removes the dirt from my pores that a towel and soap on their own can’t do for me. I usually pair it with a sheet mask just to help hydrate my skin and give it a final touch. The results usually last for a week which is why I do a proper skin care routine EVERY week. Every time I use this product, I always feel like a huge ‘burden’ has been lifted off my face.

I should warn you though that this peel off mask is painful to remove. I always tell myself that maybe that’s how it works which are my words of comfort. Other things I love about this product areI think it’s a great product for sensitive skin because I didn’t react to it. Makes my skin really smooth. It cleans the clogged pores which I really love above everything else. In case you didn’t know, clogged pores cause serious acne problems.So you weren’t a fan of face mask, you should start considering getting one today.

Oh so Heavenly lip balm

Oh my word!!!! Girl I’m so happy that I finally found a lip balm that helped my lips heal and guess what? I didn’t even have to do that vaseline trick.
With my previous lip gloss, I had to apply vaseline first and then the lip gloss but with this new lip balm that I started using recently, I don’t even have to do that anymore. It actually works so perfectly and I don’t see myself leaving this one any time soon. I also love how it’s so shiny like a lip gloss. It’s a masterpiece

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