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Hey there.

A few friends asked me about the products I use and how I manage to keep my face clear. It’s actually really simple and that’s what I am going to talk about in today’s post.

Do you really want clear skin?

I heard some people say they don’t like washing their faces twice a day and I wondered if that’s what you do too. If you want clear skin then you have to try these tips and that includes washing your face twice a day. I always wash my face twice a day and I know some people think its ridiculous but I really believe this helps. Washing your face before you go to bed helps to remove sweat and dirt. If you go to bed with the sweat and dirt from during the day, chances are high that you will get pimples.

Find the best brands for your skin type.

Finding that one brand that will work for your skin is the tip. There is one brand that I have used for 10 years and I believe that has also helped to keep my skin clear. I am not going to tell you the name but don’t worry, if you want to know the name of the soap I use and the other products visit my YouTube channel and trust me when I tell you that you are going to be surprised because it’s not even a fancy soap. I never liked changing from one brand to another and I still don’t and so I decided to keep using that product. Another factor that I also think contributed is the fact that when I wash my face before I go to bed, I don’t apply any night crème or lotion. I believe our skin has to be free from that sometimes.

Know and understand your skin type.

From personal experiences I have noticed that there are times my skin reacts to a certain day cream or facial mask and this is a clear hint that I should stop using the product. This usually occurs when I buy a product not for my skin type. I always encourage my friends to get to know their skin type first before they decide to try any products. This will save you both time and money because you will purchase the products that are best for your skin. Using the right products will also give you the results you want. If you have oily skin, then buy products for oily skin and if you have dry or normal skin then buy those specific products for your skin type. If you don’t know your skin type you can visit a dermatologist or you can even take an online quiz about skin type.

Do not use new products at the same time.

You are probably wondering “how am i supposed to know which one works best for me if I don’t try new things?”. It’s not a bad idea to try another product or brand if one does not give you the expected results but when you decide to try a new product, don’t use it and another at the same time. I personally think it’s a bad idea because if you react to one of the products, you won’t know which one is causing the reaction. Thus you may keep using the products and the reaction will only get worse. Whenever I decide to try a new brand I use it once or twice and when I use it, I don’t use any other product. If I react then I will be able to know which product is causing the reaction and which one is not for my skin type. Imagine if I am to use 3 new products at the same time and my face reacts, it will be difficult to tell which one I am reacting to. So my tip to you that has helped over the years is that don’t mix the products with other products if you are using them for the first time.

Do not pop your pimples.

Popping your pimples will only make things worse. I remember last month I tried a new facial mask and I got a pimple on my left cheek. I decided to pop it and later on I noticed that it had left a black mark on my cheek. I switched to my everyday lotion and now I don’t have the mark anymore. Popping your pimples will not only cause them to spread but it will also leave dark marks on your face and unfortunately you will have two things to worry about, the pimples and the dark spots. If you can’t stand to look at them and wait for a week or two for them to disappear on their own, then look for a face cream that is specifically made for getting rid of pimples for example, Nivea Perfect & Radiant 3 in 1.

So my dear sisters, these are the tips that I have kept to myself for quite some time. I thought I should share because sharing is caring.

I hope these posts have helped you understand your skin and learn how to deal with it. Don’t forget to subscribe for all the latest tips and news about skin care and makeup. For more tips and suggestions that I may not have put in this post, you can leave them in the comments section.

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