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Hey lovies. Hope y’alls are doing great and I hope you’re getting ready for the festive season. I am just excited about going home so I’m really looking forward to seeing my sisters and our new pets.

Anyway, enough about me let’s talk about the two amazing goodies that I used this past month. I honestly have no regrets and one of them is probably going to be my go to for quite some time.

Shield- dry confidence (anti-perspirant)

This product is the ‘bomb’ girl. Besides the packaging I really love the scent and how it can last the whole day. But the thing I love most about this product is the way it doesn’t make my armpits dry.

I have used different anti-perspirants in the past that made my armpits dry and I always struggled to remove it when I showered. Luckily, Shield is the opposite of all that and even after spraying it, my underarms remain smooth and there isn’t any irritation. If you sweat a lot and want to get rid of that whilst you want to have a fresh scent all day, then you could give shield a try.

Tip: don’t spray too much because when it dries it turns white and it’s definitely something you don’t want to be sticking out your armpits.

The body shop: British Rose- Instant Glow Body Butter

When I bought this little goodie I honestly thought it was a moisturizer. I tried the body moisturizer in August and I loved it. So when I bought this one I was actually looking for a different type. Little did I know that it’s called instant glow for a reason. Apparently it’s not a body moisturiser and it’s almost like a highlighter.

It’s got this pink shimmer that you can see when you apply it and when I saw this I literally became obsessed because I was not expecting that. I only applied it when I wanted that extra glow and I honestly think it’s an amazing product. I really really love how it shimmers and if you haven’t tried it, then girl you’re missing out.

However, I’m not sure about the smell and I actually used to hate it but I‘m used to it now. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t stink but it also doesn’t have this sweet scent, let’s just say it’s not my favourite. Other than that, loved it loved it loved it.

I honestly had a great experience this year trying out all these amazing products. I can’t wait to give you guys a review of one of the makeup products that I bought last month. Make sure you subscribe so that you don’t miss out on that. Thank you for visiting my blog and if you liked this post, don’t forget to click on that little heart just below. 

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