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Let’s face it, I might be the only beauty blogger who has a few beauty essentials when travelling but that’s mainly because of how sensitive my eyes are. I wouldn’t want to react to anything whilst I’m travelling and trust me that would be the worst experience of your life.

Some of you might be aware that last week Tuesday I left South Africa for Zimbabwe and I am really glad I’m home, finally. Today’s post has my top 5 skincare essentials that I used when I was travelling.


I always travel with a face towel in my bag to avoid touching my face and most importantly my eyes. I always make sure it’s dumb so that it’s not rough on my skin and this definitely helps me freshen up when I want to.

Lip balm

My lips dry up quite a lot when I’m travelling so I tend to carry my lip balm to make sure that they stay moisturized, smooth and soft.


Sometimes my eyelids get dry and I use vaseline ts moisturize them. By now you probably know that I’m a fan of Vaseline and that I use this product for quite a lot of things. If you haven’t seen my 8 vaseline beauty hacks then click here.  

Johnson’s face cream

This is the face cream I’m currently obsessed with. It has definitely helped with getting rid of dark marks, giving me that even skin tone and keeping my skin moisturized and hydrated.

Eye brow pencil

Girl my Revolution eyebrow pencil has been my go to this entire year and I definitely recommend this one when you’re travelling because it’s precise, easy to use and easy to handle.

It’s not a lot but it’s perfect for someone with sensitive skin. I believe not wearing makeup when I’m travelling helps to avoid breakouts and redness. I hope this post helped you to learn about which products you can carry when travelling and don’t forget to subscribe and share. 

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