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For two weeks we have celebrated the arrival of an amazing product on the market, one that I know a lot of makeup and skincare lovers were waiting for and trying out the balm has been an amazing experience. The balm is a makeup remover by ponds that works differently from others that I have used so far and I must say that I have quite a lot to say about this goodie but first, lets talk about what it is.

The cleaning balm is a makeup remover created with french extract and essential oils that help remove your makeup whilst also moisturizing your skin. The product has great consistency throughout all 3 of its forms, it feels amazing on the skin and has an amazing smell. I absolutely love that the scent is not too strong which is great for people with sinuses. Before applied, it starts off as a soft balm then once applied and massaged into the skin, it transforms into a silky oil and lastly it changes into a milky wash once rinsed with water. However, although the consistency is great when it transforms into a silky oil, it tends to move around a lot therefore I suggest you avoid anything white because we both know how difficult it is to remove makeup from our white clothes.

I usually use a clean damp makeup remover cloth to remove the balm as this helps me to focus on each section on my face whilst making sure there isn’t any makeup left behind and I don’t transfer makeup onto my clothes. I also don’t like covering your entire face with the product and going to the bathroom with my eyes closed (I don’t remove my makeup in the bathroom). The one thing that I love the most about the product is how my skin does not feel dry and tight after using it. Some of you may have experienced this with your makeup removers and if you have, I suggest you switch to pond’s because I know you will not be disappointed.

I would like to thank Pond’s for this amazing product and Beauty Bulletin for selecting me to be part of the #silkymilkymelty journey and you guys stand a chance to win a Pond’s hamper to the value of R150 if you partake in the insta-party that is going to be held on Saturday on instagram. Therefore I hope you guys will join the party and share your thoughts about the product. If you have any questions about the cleansing balm, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments or send a message on instagram.

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